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ECU Flash - Akro Exhaust?


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Yamaha will sell you am Akro exhaust but they do not offer an ECU upgrade for it. As has been demonstrated in some posts here, if you want to to maximise performance with the exhaust rather than just change the appearance or exhaust note, a reflash of the ECU will be of benefit.
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Short answer; No.
I have the Ti Akrapovic on my bike and all I did was the CO offset, which eliminated some of the popping (the offset only affects the mixture just off idle). According to my arse dyno, the bike seems to fuel a lot better through the whole map, so I would say that Akrapovic have done a good job of building the pipe to suit the STD ECU.
With the baffle out, it is obscenely loud, and shoots a lot of flame, but still seems to fuel reasonably well (I couldn't detect any flat spots, except just off idle). With the baffle inserted the exhaust tone is a quite pleasant rumble, without being offensive. Since I'm well past my days of wanting to convert fuel into noise, baffle-in suits my taste.
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Apparently you can adjust the fueling yourself,on the dash,mate did his own,on his MT 09.
This is not true at all. The ONLY way to adjust the fueling is to get the ECU flashed or get a power commander. But for the price of a power commander, you can get the ECU flash that does 10x as much as a power commander.
You may not notice any flat spots without the ECU flash, but there is still a LOT to be gained from the flash. Not just with fueling and timing, but with the throttle maps (no more on/off surges) and removing all the factory limitations (speed limiter, emissions, fan temp on/off, etc). It comes highly recommended by almost everybody on this board.
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