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Saying Hello from SF Bay Area


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Hey everyone,
Just saying hello from the Bay Area..... I bought an FJ on Tuesday and have had a chance to put a couple of hundred easy miles on it.  
So far, life is good on this bike.  I've been riding for awhile. This is my 14th bike (which sort of makes me an old guy) and I've pretty much had them all. I've owned English, German, Japanese and U.S. bikes  My last 3 bikes were Harleys ---- what a difference the FJ is after that. I feel like this bike is renewing my love of riding.  I haven't found much to complain about. Of course, the fuel gauge accuracy sucks and the stock seat will probably need an upgrade, but  all bikes have their unique nuances --- that's just the way it is.
I'm looking forward to many miles and learning from the forum.
Best Regards,
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Welcome! I used to live in Santa Clara. Have you tried it out on State Route 9 from Los Gatos to Santa Cruz yet? I miss those rides on SR 35 and 9 on the scenic highway system.
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Thanks for the welcome. I have taken the ride from Los Gatos to Santa Cruz. Great ride.... 
I'm in the North Bay. One of my favorite local rides is from Napa on the Silverado Trail to Calistoga, then looping around and coming back on 29. Riding the the vineyards is nice and changes depending on the time of year. 
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