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Yamaha Trademarks FJ-09 for the US Market!


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  • 4 months later...
Asphalt and rubber reports that Yamaha has trademarked the term FJ-09 for the US Market. This has many of us in a buzz as the FZ-09/MT-09 is one heck of a bile to build upon! Link to Story on Asphalt and Rubber
According to Motorcycle.com on September 12, 2014 
Following up on the info that in March of 2014 Yamaha did indeed trademark the term FJ-09, in August of 2014 Yamaha filed a trademark for the design of a new adventure-touring model which appears to be an FZ-09 with a headlight fairing, and windscreen.
MC.com also reported that on September 12, 2014, The California Air Resources Board released executive orders on two Yamaha models: the FJ09FCGY and FJ09FCR. Both to be based on the current FZ-09 engine and chassis (MT-09 in Europe).
Seems like the FJ is definitely headed towards the US.  How awesome will that be?
Link to the story on Motorcycle.com:
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