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Ottawa April rides


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I live between Smiths Falls and Perth (Port Elmsley). I often ride up that way. Would be a blast to have a few FJs go for a ride with. There are lots of nice roads around here.
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I'm in T.O and would be happy to ride out/trailer for an FJ meet/ride in the Kingston area, if there is any interest.
Works for me. I can do a decent route to get near there for Ottawans? http://tinyurl.com/mlj2sy9
If you're riding from Toronto to meet Ottawans, meet in Sydenham? (we all avoid city of Kingston)
Up to Westport for lunch? Or earlier in Verona if you think Westport -> Toronto is a bit far.
Bedford/Desert Lake/#19 is a pretty good road, but I've not ridden it in years.
For Ottawans return from Westport?
I like little back roads. ;) Those are all paved roads, although you never know when/where there's fresh chip-seal roadwork.
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Back Roads. Period.
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Guest eatpasta
[/img]I'll be up for it DS. Just sold my heavypieceofshet on Kijiji today if you can believe that.
The first forum auto-correct rears its ugly head!!! 
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Sounds good to me, especially the idea of trailering the bike early morning to Sydenham or another spot that is convenient for you, riding for the day, and trailering back home.  I will follow up with you after the bike has been broken in and the riding season is in full swing.  
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