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Stealth radar detector install - anyone done it?


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Has anyone considered using either a Valentine or Escort remote mount radar detector on their FJ?  It would seem that the little triangular area situated between the headlights would provide a very stealthy location for the receiving unit....
2015 Yamaha FJ-09: RaceTech Gold Valves, RaceTech Rear Spring, Arrow Full Exhaust - black with w/Carbon Fibre endcap, ECU Flash, Lowered 20mm front, 15 mm rear, Denali driving lights, Fenda Extenda, Tail Tidy, Corbin Seat, Madstad 22" Windshield, OEM heated grips, Woodcraft frame sliders, Grip Puppies, BadAss Cover (Large)....
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I am definitely going to be installing a radar detector. I was thinking of a similar placement. I don't want it up on the handlebars, but rather a permanent install someplace incognito.
I'll have it Bluetooth connect to my Sena audio in my helmet.
Was also considering a fork-mount that would hold it just in front of the radiator and tucked up close under the headlights.
Have you installed yet? If so, what did you do?
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I'll be interested in what other folks come up with. I have a v1 mounted on a ram ball on my handlebars. Better than nothing but I have to consciously check the lights from time to time.
I wear earplugs so sound is of no help to me.
Might to the remote box thing on windshield above instruments.
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