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Used FJR side cases, need new locks and paint


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There are a set of used FJR side cases for sale localy. The locks needs to be changed and they need a paint job (wrong color). 
Will this cost much? The price for the bags are under 100$ so they are pretty cheap. The question is would it be worth it?
Is it hard to drill out the old locking barrels and replace them? Is it possible to get locks that use the same key as the mc?
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I would ask your local Yamaha dealer about replacing the locks and matching the locks to your keys. I would think that it would be worth it considering brand new they are probably close to 1k dollar cases. No real experience here, just going from information seen on the interwebs...

'15 FJ-09 w/ lots of extras...

Fayetteville, GA, USA

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Super easy to change the locks. To set it to the mc key you need to buy 2 separate lock sets that give you 4 locks at the end. Silly, but that's what you have to do if that's what you want.
3 piece lock set
Part Number 5P5-28406-01-00
Single key lock
Part Number 59C281C00000
The 3 piece lock will be the locks used for the bags and the single key comes with tumblers and instructions to rekey the locks to the ignition. This is what I did and it is pretty easy. Had enough tumblers to do both bags and the top box.
Painting is more challenging if you don't know someone with the talent. Body shops charge a very wide range. I painted mine black with a spray can. Kinda regretting that now and looking into color matching them.
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If the body shop wants more than about 200 to 250 to paint a set of bags, they should be ignored, and keep on looking.
Paint is not cheap, but this is a simple job, the prep work is the important part, and the amount of paint used is very small. About what you'd mix for a single fender.
And if they are smart, you paint these, and use the same clear coat with another job in the same booth as another job, so your clear is "free" to the shop, pure profit.
Heck, if you have a color similar to another job in the shop, or are willing to wait a few days/week to get one like that, and use the same color? Do your front fender, rear hugger and the bags all the same color for 200.00 and it's pure profit for the shop/painter, since some insurance company just paid them for the paint/materials.
Do your own prep work, and it would be even less in the same version of events.
Heck, go find a vo-tech program locally, and have them paint your stuff, you buy the materials, they do the prep and do the work as a training project, and you will get their materials cost, free labor, might only cost you 100.00 or less. (Depends on which paint company is paying them to use their products/booth etc.)
If you go into your local automotive paint supplier, and hit up the counter, they most likely will try and sell you all sorts of stuff, and charge you dearly for the paint. (And you will have enough to paint your entire bike, and then some in most cases, or mix up way too much, and throw away money when you don't use it all.)
The shops have the bases and toners right there, they can mix up very small amounts, and do it every day, for peanuts compared to materials prices over the counter at the paint supplier's brick and mortar stores.
Now, as someone who used to teach refinish for an Insurance company, and worked with Akzo Nobel for many years, I'd just ask my buddy there to use them in his next training class. :) Pay shipping and/or even better, take some time to visit friends, and hang out with the class and paint them myself with perhaps a lecture on how to deal with Insurance company Adjusters as the deal to cover the materials. :)
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