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MT-09 vs Tracer (FZ vs FJ) stock exhausts


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I badly curbed one of the downpipes of my stock exhaust; one of the reason I got the Ixil system. However after disappointing dyno figures after flashing and as most of my riding recently has been in urban areas, I went on to Ebay to source a stock system. After a week or so the only Tracer specific stock exhausts were silly money, so I took a chance on an MT-09 system which I got for £75 (which will be about €75 or US$75 on Monday after our idiotic exit from the EU).
The only difference are the tabs for the outlet shroud; the MT exhaust has a tab on the body of the exhaust, which fouls the centrestand, and I will have to cut this off with an angle grinder before replacing the stand, and the Tracer has a different tab under the pipe which I will need to modify on the MT exhaust or cut off the Tracer and re-weld. Top shroud bolt is in the same place. 
Just for info! 
I will probably cut the original system over the winter and knock out the dent, and either look at a slip-on or maybe modding the original box. Has anyone flashed and dyno'd a modded stock system?
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Were you able to get it to bolt up?
The mounting tabs for the muffler to the frame are slightly different. I bought an FZ exhaust to modify, and it would not bolt up to the FJ. One of these days I'll get around to moving the mounting tabs...
It's hard to tell with this pic, but the mounting tabs on the FZ are ~1/2" forward compared to the FJ...
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There is some latitude because the captive nuts on the mounts are on an elongated slot, but I suspect this is for manufacturing tolerances. As far as I can see, the two exhausts are identical apart from the outlet tabs. The 'difference' in that pic may be optical or due to the welding. 
I'll tell you what though, getting the original exhaust back on is a lot harder than an aftermarket one - it is engineered to fill the space completely, you have to get the headers on first with the collector about 4 inches off the ground - another pair of hands would have been appreciated!
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