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Just Messing Around in the Oakland Hills

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I am one lucky somammabitch- I get to live in a beautiful area, surrounded by great trails for mountain biking and hiking, lush trees and best of all, some really nice twisties. So what better to do on a sunny, Sunday?
Get out and ride!
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Do you leave all your luggage on all the time? I usually have my side bags off, because lane splitting. Just curious.
Yessir. I leave all three bags on. Just because I never know if I'm going to stop at the store or pick something up. Plus, I like storing my helmet inside the top case, when I stop anywhere. 
I chose the FJ-09 as the bags are WAY more narrow than most Sport Touring rigs, due to the underbike exhaust. (And that the hard bags are not very big) Since they are no wider than the bars, I split lanes without worry about the bags- if the bars fit, I'm all good.
I was SERIOUSLY considering a Moto Guzzi Stelvio (8 gal tank!) and I loved the style, but the bags were as wide as, well, Kansas! It really was a big bike. Nice for long, stretches of quiet highway, but our highways here in the Bay Area are always crowded and unfriendly for such a wide bike.  
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