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mid "wife" crisis tour - short ride report


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10 day from Indiana to California and back.  So many things seen and so many good places/ people along the way.  Roughly 5400 miles total.  Advice from the forum helped more than once.  I am an experienced rider and an amateur at touring.   I would also say that if I can do it anyone can and I highly recommend it.  I have not camped for years but it was amazing.  You are never going to look back and wish you worked more and adventured less.  So many things I will just highlight a few. 
Bike - 15 FJ 09-
         Oem FJ bags with liners (liners worthy to help load/unload)
         stock tires held up fine but will need replaced soon now at 7k miles
         Oem rear rack.  used dry bags for gear and rok straps to hold them
         sw motech tank bag- smaller size but invaluable for easy access
         national cycle windscreen- med size and worked perfect
         stock seat with airhawk cruiser R L size
first stage (less 24 hrs) was saddle sore 1000 run (completed and not near as bad as I thought).
rode highway 50 (loneliest road in America)
Lake Tahoe
San Fransisco/ golden gate
pacific coast highway- big sur/ elephant seals/ fresh strawberry's/ fresh fish
Los Angeles
Las Vegas (hotel on strip and bikes park free I learned)
Grand Canyon
Tons of other things completed/ seen along the way.  FJ didn't miss a beat and proved to be a worthy steed for the journey.  I will attach some pics. 
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Awesome pics!!!
Congrats on bagging the SS1000!! that's a great achievement and to tie it into an adventure riding holiday - well done!!

Kimmie......the lady who likes to take little detours :)

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