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Front brake calipers question.


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Nope. They are pretty standard radial mount 4 piston calipers using pins and spring clips/retainers for the pads to limit noise, and locate the pads in place.
The similar Brembo brakes on my S8 front use two pins, and metal clips just the same way. My Dad's S500 has cast iron 4 piston fixed calipers up front, and they do the same deal, push out the pins and some clips, and you can pull the pads and replace them after pushing the pistons back into the calipers. (In fact, when I do brake jobs on these type calipers, you only pull the pad from one side, push the pistons back in on the side you just pulled, put the new pad in, and then pull the other side old one, and push those pistons back in, that way you don't have to try and push 4 pistons back into the caliper at the same time they are trying to push themselves back out.... the pads hold the "other" side of the caliper pistons in place.
Also I've found sucking all the brake fluid out master first allows the oil fluid to then fill back up the container when you push the pistons back in. then suck it clean again, and fill with new fluid. THEN bleed your calipers starting with the farthest side, and pouring in new clean brake fluid as it drops as you bleed out what's left in the lines/calipers from the system. :)
Easy if you have a power brake bleeder. And you get zero bubbles this way.
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