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Greetings from NYC

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Just brought home my pre-owned '15 FJ-09 (with 3,200 miles on it).  I'm right on the Queens/Nassau County line, so both New York Ciy and Long Island are in my immediate riding zone.  Haven't been able to put any new miles on the bike as the Yamaha LED turn signals that were installed by the previous owner stopped working about half way on my 220 mile ride home from the seller's house.  Electrical troubleshooting is not an area of high competence for me, but I have been doing my best to find the problem.  A new set of rear signals is on its way to me from a dealer in Hamilton, Ontario.  Will report on my progress when things are squared away.
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Welcome aboard, glad to have you join us.
Poke around, there is a ton of information on the site to help you get acclimated to your new bike
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