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Bucket list ride


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Even though I've been to the Sturgis SD rally numerous times over the years, this one was different.
My son and I just got back from a 1250 mile trip to the rally....me on my new FJ-09 and he was on his Stryker.
We rode through numerous canyons, twisties, switch backs, and even had to dodge a big ass Buffalo  :o
It was great to finally go a long ride with my boy, you never know how many chances in life there are to do things like that. 
The FJ-09 performed flawless and I am very pleased with it. The only things I did before we left are (got the ideas from this forum) $15 seat pad from Amazon, Overgrip from Scheels for the throttle grip, front frame sliders from Shogun.
My @ss wasn't tired or sore the whole trip and I have the stock seat, my right hand never fell asleep once, & the sliders worked awesome as footrests when I needed to stretch.
My son test rode a new Tenere at the Yamaha demo display and will be getting one very soon.
BTW I saw at least 5 other FJ-09's at the rally, maybe one of the owners are on this forum.
I've had numerous bikes in my 55 years, this one is definitely the funnest! 
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