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Hi everyone, I have just made an account with the forum, but have been looking at then for quite a while. I have had my fj for a year and a half and love it. Most of the time, I am just on here looking for any good ideas to upgrade. My bike is pretty much stock besides my akrapovic exhaust and the hard bags I bought when I bought the bike. I've been seeing people with clutch cable issues and am ordering a replacement just in case. I've been looking to get a radio for my bike and was going to see if there were any reccomendations, I would prefer one with Bluetooth. Also looking into a new seat for a couple long distance rides I have coming up. I'm 6-2 190.
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Welcome! As far as a radio w/Bluetooth I just bought the Sena 20s Communication system that has radio,intercomm, bluetooth to phone, GPS, etc... Very good sound. Very happy with it.
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