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G'day from the east coast of Australia


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Thought it was time to say g'day. Thanks to this forum my tracer/fj09 2015 model is getting a new cct under warrant thanks to the TSB that sixcharlie brought to everyones attention. After calling several times to my local Yamaha dealer and not being taken seriously I booked in for an unscheduled service and mentioned to the service guy that I was hearing an intermittent rattle again, luckily he remembered me saying it was rattling about a month ago before I had read sixcharlies post re the TSB. On taking the bike in for the service I again mentioned the TSB and he (not the usual guy) said he'd check it out and he didn't , anyway long story short I printed out the first 2 pages of the TSB and showed him (my usual guy) and pointed out that the vins were American and he should check if Australia put 1 out too. He said he wasn't aware and jumped on his pc and asked to see my vin and I'm on the list. So thanks again to sixcharlie. 
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