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Seat tab and bracket issue

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Been meaning to post this up for a few months..
I noticed that my stock seat had gradually became looser and rocked from side to side. I was keeping the seat in the low position since I'm not super-tall (5' 8"). It turns out the tank bracket where the tab of the seat fits ended up busting on one side. I do sit on my bike when filling up with gas, and of course at red lights will lean to one side with my foot down - all of which put extra strain on the plastic tab and the metal receptacle. It wasn't just one act that broke it, but I figured I should post a picture so others can be on the lookout. 
I'm wondering if some of the metal on this bike is just of lesser quality in general (see my thread about the axle adjusters) or if it was a bad cast. For now I've put my seat to the high position which feels better IMO, giving a more commanding position on the bike. More confident feeling too since the seat isn't rocking around either. 
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Good to know, thanks for posting.
Luckily it looks like that bracket would be fairly easy and inexpensive to replace.
Yamaha part #: 2PP-24105-00-00
Currently $16.74 on Partzilla.com
I wonder if you wouldn't have this problem with the Sargent seat (which has a Sargent made seat pan) because it sits a bit more securely in the rear bracket and in my experience doesn't seem to wiggle as much.
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I have a Sargent and the only issue I had with it and the OEM saddle was rocking at the rear support and lock, which I resolved as shown in the below pics (which I think I may have posted on a similar thread).
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