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Hello again all,
  It's official, traded in my much beloved Speed Triple for a '15 leftover FJ in matte gray.  Haven't had much time to ride it with work and the holidays but hope to after Christmas.   Impressions so far?  The screen really sucks.  I mean, the fly screen on my speedy didn't create as much noise as this thing does.  Definitely a shorty screen in my future.  Don't need  a tall one.  I live in Florida so 95% of the time I need airflow.  Other than that, I like it.  It should be just the thing for trips to  N. Ga and the Smokies.  I miss the speedy, but the riding position wasn't getting easier and rides to the mountains were out for me (trailer only).   Just have to figure out what I'm going to do with all these Triumph T-shirts!
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