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oil leak


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Went out to start the bike yesterday (15 w/ 4500 miles) and noticed wet oil on the headers.  Mostly on the middle pipe in the front and it had dripped down the header.  I would say that it was several tablespoons of oil. The filter area is clean and dry and I can't see where it might be coming from. I did run the bike for about 9 minutes.  Other than coking up the oil on the headers I didn't see any additional leakage.   The sight glass reads full and in checking it today I did not notice any additional leakage. I did have it serviced before the winter (not much riding in NH now).  Basically I had the service, then parked it.  Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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For duhs10, I spent about an hour trying to get pictures uploaded without success. To describe more fully where the oil was it was mostly on the middle pipe where the horizontal connection is. Oil was on the left side of the pipe, slightly to the front.
when you reply, look at the top left corner of the box, just under the "Subject:oil leak" and you should see a blue box with white writing which says "Add image to post!" 
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Hope this helps
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