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Rebuilding a wrecked bike??????

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Regarding rebuilding a wrecked bike. For those that are on the fence about doing this, there is a simple solution to making up your mind. If the bike's forks did not receive any damage that bent the forks or the triple tree, the engine didn't receive any damage, the frame didn't receive any damage and the swing arm didn't receive any damage, you can rebuild by replacing sub frames, plastic and accessories. No special knowledge is required. Rebuild will cost half the estimate you get from a dealer or mechanic. 2/3 rds if the mechanic only charges the cost of the new parts, where he makes his profit from the difference between suggested retail and his wholesale costs.
Always assess the damage and go on line to get costs for all the parts. Looking at parts fish will open you eyes to other parts that may be broken. This will allow you to analysis how much you will be left with after buying the parts and doing the work yourself. Always assume the worst and replacement is cheaper than straightening, and/or a couple extra pieces is better than needing a couple more. Always save the bits and pieces from the wreak, as there may be a fastener attached. (grommet, screw, bolt, clips, collar, etc.) these little things cost $1.50-$3 ea. and can find a nice home in a jar on the work bench to replace a lost one later on.
If there is a benefits to a crash and rebuilding it yourself, it may be in the monies left over that you put forth for improved suspension, and ECU flash, Bling, or farkles you want to make. In the end, you may end up with a better ride than you had before. Getting a replacement bike, if yours is determined to be totaled is only like getting what you had. In my case above, I indicated to the adjuster that I wanted the bike, and if it was determined to be totaled by only a few hundred dollars, that I would be willing to take less money and keep the bike and that was the case.

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