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McCruise cruise control users. Install question(s)

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Hey all,
FZ-09 owner here looking for some info from FJ McCruise cruise control users? Basically wondering how straight forward install is? Any soldering involved? I currently have my fuel tank off so now would be the time to install one. Just don't want to get too over my head :(. Thanks for any info/tips. troop
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I was a little intimidated when I first read through the instructions, but in actuality, it is very straight forward. There is NO cutting, splicing or soldering, BUT you will have to disassemble connectors and reconfigure wires on the TPS, cylinder #1 coil and ECU, in addition you will have to use a heat gun for heat shrink on one connector.
The included instructions are FANTASTIC and the install was super smooth. I am a perfectionist and spent a lot more time than necessary getting all of the wiring "just right", zip-tied in place.
Read through the instructions and make sure you have the tools they recommend or something very similar.   I had to buy Curved Needle Nose Pliers and a Pick Set which made the job a lot easier.
I bought the optional Tenere switch gear and wiring harness, which really added to the cost, but it looks and operates like it is a factory accessory.  I couldn't be happier with the product.

***2015 Candy Red FJ-09***

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