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Crash bars Motech + Touratech...will fit ?

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Hi , i've a couple of SWMotech crash bars mounted on my Tracer and i'm happy with them (not too much big like Givi's one, sturdy and nice to see on the bike), but they can't protect very well the under parts of the engine like clutch or stator covers.
The best protectors (looking / functionality) i can find are the Woodcraft or the Yoshimura, but i don't want to sell one of my organs to buy them.
So i was looking around and i come to the Touratech site... they made this:
as a part of their crash bar kit, they cost about 140€, it's not too much, it's not too cheap, they look quite sturdy and well made (and they can be in total black paint).
But my question is... can they be mounted with my already in place bars ? Maybe the upper mounting plate of the Touratech bars can be placed with no issues behind the Motech bars....
I wrote to Touratech but no answer came back...
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