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Wales Weekend - 29-30 April & MAY BANK HOLIDAY

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This was first suggested on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/MT09TracerOwners/
WALES WEEKEND - 29-30 April & MAY BANK HOLIDAY, 2 nights B&B
I've used this format to loosely organise trips for friends in other motorcycling forums. Please note, this would not be a fully escorted tour and I make no money from any booking. I take no money in advance, rooms are reserved on booking.com and I trust that someone will turn up if they say they will take a room. You will be fully responsible for getting yourself to the hotel and once you have checked in, you are responsible for your room bill. In the 20 years I have done this, nobody has left me with a room bill to pay (it's my credit card guaranteeing the booking up until you check in).
So, I fix the date and select a hotel. I book a few rooms for the dates and it is a 1st come, 1st served affair. If there is enough interest to make the weekend viable I will either set up an email list or more likely, a separate Facebook group where people can banter, share routes, arrange to meet before the trip, arrange rendezvous on the 1st day etc.
The proposed dates are Sat 29 & Sun 30 April 2017 in a pub in Aberaeron in West Wales. Rooms vary from £75 to £85 per night for a double with breakfast. There is no discount for a single. Cheaper B&Bs and camping are available if you want to book separately and just meet for a meal and/or ride.
I have provisionally booked 6 double/twin rooms so please express your interest below. If there is sufficient interest I will send invites to a bespoke group just for the trip.
We have 3 people booked so far in 2 rooms. 3 bikes. So 4 rooms left. Come for 1 night or both. We will have a lap of mid Wales on Sunday. 

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