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New From Washington State


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Hello All,
First ever brand new MC in 35 years of riding, pretty excited! The break in period is killing me, damn thing just starts waking up at 6,500 RPM... Oh well, more than 1/2 there. :-)
I like the discount for buying NOS, got $1,500 off retail for buying a brand new 2015 in 2017! Score!!!
Hope to catch up with some of you some time.
~ Ed - Wenatchee, WA area
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Wehamlin, new member also,i fully intended to purchase my first new motorcycle in 40 years of riding, but came across a Fj/Tracer with 174 miles on the clock, i could not resist my instinct for a bargain, i feel your pain with the break in period. I also Have washed and polished this bike twice in 400 miles, i need to just let it get dirty life's to short for wasting time worrying about looks, but i seem to have developed a new compulsive disorder which is quite disconcerting.
By the way welcome. Owle.
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