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K-Tech or Andreani?


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I cannot for the life of me decide between the two. Does anyone know if the K-Tech cartridge DOESN'T have the same hydro locking issues as the Andreani? I'm getting the K-Tech razor R shock, so I'd like a matched set, but if the Andreani is just as good then I may as well get that and then purchase the upgrade kit for it for about the same over all money.
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What are the hydraulic loking issues you mention?
The Andreani with my fixes works good. The IDS20 with a thin oil in the Comp leg works well enough. Ditto NIX30 The Andreani valving simply can't move oil fast enough to properly absorb bumps.
If you Google the problem exists across their entire product line.
If you're in the USA please do not use Omnia. You will be gray-market importing them and will not have the support of Andreani USA.
The K-Tech IDS is distinctly better than the Andreani in every other way as it relates to materials and fit and finish, leaving aside the damping...
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