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Swapping bars for MTO9 bars

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Hi all
I find the riding position two upright and the bars too straight. I find this causes wrist and shoulder ache and I don't feel comfortable in the corners.
I know that you can rotate the risers to go 10mm forward ( I will do that when my extension bar arrives) and I have already rotated the bars forward (which has mad a huge difference) but I would really like some bars  where the ends are slightly more angled towards the bike.
I know people on here like renthals but they seem taller (which I definitely don't want).
Over on a uk forum people have changed the bars for standard MT09 bars which are narrower but I am not sure if they are lower or more (or less) angled.
Has anyone made this mod at all?
Or can any one recommend some lower more angled bars?
thanks in advance
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@stringman - I have looked into exactly the same set-up you're asking about.   Check out this thread to see what another member has done with lower bars that have more swept angle:
It's using the Outlaw Racing TH-08 Low Bars, and looks to be exactly what you're looking for.   I haven't done this same set up yet, but definitely have it on the list of things to try soon.
Good luck,
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Thanks for that.
I have now moved the risers forward and rotated the bars.
together it makes a big difference.
Coupled with the new PR4s the bike is transformed.
I think I will wait and see if I can buy a cheap pair of MT09 bars before trying the aftermarket bars
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Hello. I'm new here.
I'm experiencing some shoulder ache on the throttle arm when I ride over 1h. I'm guessing that it's happening because the handlebars might be too wide for me. From shoulder to shoulder I measured 350mm. I read that the fz-09 handlebars are 2 inches narrower. I think it could help reducing the stress on my shoulder.
Last year I had the XSR900 and never experienced any pain in the shoulder.
Anyone has experience to share about swapping the handlebars from FJ-09 to FZ-09.
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