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Fun Morning in the Shop

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Last of my parts came in this morning, so I set about installing handlebar risers, R1 clutch cable and Bolt clutch arm.
Unhooked the old clutch cable and left it in place, unbolted the handlebar clamps, installed the risers and clamped the bars back down.  Took the mirrors off so I could finish taking the hand guard brackets off since I've ridden a bit without the hand guards and like it better both for appearance and for wind buffeting.
Then I zip tied the top of the new cable to the bottom of the old cable and used the old cable to fish the new one through the maze and roughly into position.  The only difficulty was with the clutch cable routing clip that is part of the left (as you're sitting on the bike) upper radiator mount.  Needed to rotate it to get the old cable free.  Getting at the socket head screw that held it was...interesting.  Wound up taking it all the way out, which turned out to be a mistake.  More on that in a bit.
Clutch arm swap was a breeze, rotated it clockwise one spline from the stock position as noted by others.   Fooled around with various ways to route the upper part of the cable, none of which were really ideal IMHO, but in front of the forks and as large a bend as I could manage over to the clutch lever works.  Didn't like where the lever adjuster wound up after installing everything, so took the clutch arm back off and rotated it out another spline.  Much better.
Fought with the socket head screw for the upper radiator mount/cable guide clip for half an hour and could NOT get it started.  Wound up taking all the plastic off that side so I could get at it better and see what I was doing and finally got it back in.  Reinstalled all the plastic, adjusted the mirrors, checked for spare parts (none...whew!) and all that's left is a test ride with the new bar height. 
Just sitting in the seat on the center stand, the bars feel good.  Didn't notice any improvement in the clutch action that some people said was an advantage to the R1 cable swap, but I was fine with it anyway so that's not an issue.
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...I recall you ordered the same risers as @joeldude ...but he reused the top cap at assembly. Could you snap a photo of what you did?
The set comes with a male adapter, two spacers of differing thickness and a female adapter.
The mating surfaces of the adapters and spacers are machined with a ribbed effect so they don't slide against each other but sort of lock in place.  
Male adapter in the saddles on the top triple clamp, I used the thinner spacer for my application as that stretched the throttle cables and brake line as far as I was comfortable with, then female adapter for the bars to sit in, then original top clamp.  
Seems to be a very well made kit, comes with several sets of socket head screws of different lengths so you can mix and match spacers.  I'd recommend it to anyone that doesn't want to shell out $100 for a set of the one-piece risers.
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