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Lubricating pivots for shifter, clutch lever, rear brake etc


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I am going to be doing a spring maintenance on my 2015 FJ-09.  It was purchased in early April 2016 and I have just over 10,000 km on it.  Oil and filter changes have been done and typically more frequently than called for by the owners manual or service manual.   My son is coming down from Edmonton next weekend to help as he has a 2015 FZ-09 but with only around 1K so my bike will be good practice for him.  We plan on checking the synch on the throttle bodies, replacing the air filter, flushing and putting in some new brake fluid, flushing (actually just draining) the old coolant and installing fresh coolant, and then lubricating the cable and various pivot points on the bike that need to be periodically lubricated.  
Until now I used a spray can of YamahaLube silicone protectant & lube (see picture) to lubricate the pivot points for the shifter, rear brake pedal, clutch lever, front brake lever, and other pivot points for the driver and passenger foot pegs, etc.  In addition, I have used this same lube for the clutch cable including the area where the lever and the top of the cable (cable stop) engage.  I have also used the silicone protectant lube for the throttle cables.
One of the shop guys at the Yamaha dealer I bought the bike from had suggested using the YamahaLube silicone protectant for the pivot points and cables. 
This past winter I decided to pick up some dedicated cable lube and also chatted with another Yamaha parts person and they suggested the Maxima Waterproof grease to lube the pivot points.  He suggested that you could use a small brush to try and work the grease into the pivot point without disassembling the shifter and rear brake pedal.  I am planning on taking off the clutch lever to get a better look at the cable, lube the lever pivot points, and to also use a cable luber to lube the cable.  Previously I just turned the front wheel to the right so that the clutch lever was up and turned the cable adjuster nob so that I could see the small slot that is part of cable adjuster assembly.  I then placed the tip of the spray can plastic straw directly against the opening of the top of the cable sheath and squirted in some of the lube.  It seemed to work well and if I was careful I didn't get a lot of dripping, etc.  I would pull in and release the clutch lever several times to help distribute the lube.  Eventually you would see the lube dripping from the clutch cable on the bottom right of the bike.   This was easier than taking the clutch lever off and pulling off the cable.  I also squirted the top part of the cable stop and the clutch lever so it wouldn't bind at this point.  Using the YamahaLube silicone protectant & lube seems to have worked as I have 10K on the original cable.  However, I did get a spare factory cable from the Yamaha dealer in Red Deer, Alberta last week to have as a back up. 
I was wondering what everyone else does in terms periodically lubricating the various pivot points (clutch lever, shifter, rear brake pedal, etc.  I have a Motion Pro cable luber that i have used on my previous bike a 1994 KLR 650 and will use this to really give the old cable a good lubing.   
Any tips that you can share.
My apologies for all the talk of lubing.  The post was starting to sound like the dialogue from one of the old Carry On  Gang movies, which were typical Saturday morning or Sunday morning fare on Canadian TV during the 1970's.
Thanks for any thoughts or advice you might have.  
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It sounds like you have it covered. I also use silicone spray lube and waterproof grease. After washing the bike, I spray the pivot points and chain with WD-40 to displace water, then wipe it all off with a rag and spray on silicone spray.
Any time the wheels, axle, linkage etc. come off, I lube it up with waterproof grease. I use a tiny pick and remove the outer seal on the wheel bearing and pack it full of grease before mounting the wheels back on the bike.

***2015 Candy Red FJ-09***

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