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NORTHEASTERN US trip route suggestions


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Last year was my first multiday trip and I got hooked, this bike is so much better for trips than my sfv650. This year a friend and I are looking to go visit a mutual friend that moved. Here is the Google route avoiding all highways since we'd like to minimize highway travel. Does anyone have any suggestions on roads to avoid or other stops/detours we should make along the way?
'15 FJ-09 with an aftermarket parts addiction
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I don't know anything about the roads in that part of the country, since I'm from the midwest. 
My suggestion is go sign up for the Tour of Honor. You'll be the 2nd FJ-09 to participate (my wife being the only one right now).
Then take a route something like this which will get you the minimum 7 required checkpoints necessary to "finish" the ride.
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