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Any one installed AdMore LED light On Givi topcase

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I used to have a FJR1300 with a Givi V47. Sold the bike couple days ago due to my upcoming relocation to Japan. 
In the V47, I installed AdMore LED kit that enable the case lens to function for running/brake/turn signals. For the FJR, AdMore has a plug-n-play adapter so no wire splice needed. 
Has anyone installed this on their Givi case on the FJR-09/MT-09 Tracer? How do you connect the wires?
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Yes, I have the Admore Lighting kit on my Givi topcase and spliced into the wiring harness under the rear seat using the connectors that they sent with the kit. It's a tiny bit of trial and error to work out which wire does what but you can use a multimeter to check voltage while activating brakes, indicators etc. and take it from there. Also, iirc there areplugs for the indicators at that location that you can disconnect to work out which side is which.
When ordering with Admire, if you choose a kit with no harness they send everything you need, including the connectors. I have two Givi top cases (E52 and E55) and both are fitted with Admore kits for my Tracer (UK) and PCX150.
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