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I have already posted a couple of times and it occurred to me that I hadn't introduced myself.  I bought a new 2016 FJ (black) in April 2017.  As of today I have about 2,800 miles on the bike.  I ride out of Northern New Jersey (Butler).  I have to say that I did not start out looking at the FJ, however this forum was a big influence.  The seal to the deal was a great price and comfort with the dealer.  I have owned V-twins, parallel twins and inline fours, but this is my first triple.  Absolutely a sweet motor and I could not be happier with it.  At the price point, I think this is an excellent bike and I feel like I got everything I paid for in the FJ.  Yes, the seat is a little tough on a longer day and the windshield is utterly useless, but that engine.
I got rid of the OEM windshield and bought the National Cycle Sport Touring V-Stream, it is the mid-sized one with light tint.  Changed the ride characteristics for the better and easily worth the money.  I also added Givi engine guards and Nelson-Rigg soft bags.  These additions were all I needed for a recent road trip down Skyline Drive and the first segment of the Blur Ridge Parkway.  I did add a blue-tooth for my helmet and got some good use of it. I am considering a flash, but don't know if I should wait out the warranty.
Anyway, thanks for all the help from the forum so far.  You have provided great info and I look forward to contributing in the future. If anyone in the North Jersey or Southern New York area is looking for an occasional riding partner, let me know.
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