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Excel Throttle Control

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Greetings - Downsizing - Traded a R1200GS (BMW #10) for a new '17 FJ09. Looked at the new leftover 2015's, but went with the updated version. Added some Givi racks and the thin Ortlieb bags from Aerostitch. Goal is to stay light.
The big item is a throttle control - was spoiled by the one I had on the GS - an Excel Throttle control. Before you say it - it's mechanical (not electric), and it does not "lock" the throttle. You can override the "hold speed" setting with a simple wrist twist, and it's adjustable while riding with a couple fingers of your right hand. Since it's mechanical, a little on-road adjustment may be needed for higher speed or wind (YMMV). I've had nearly all of the throttle controls out there - this one works. I know of a couple riders that use one in conjunction with their electric OEM one (easier to use in traffic they say).
I contacted Tom at Excel Throttle Control (www.excelthrottlecontrol.com) - he said ride in & we'll see what we can do (I live less than an hour away from the shop). So, after some hand guard work, and some creative machining for new parts - a unit exists for the FJ09. Works as great as the one on the GS. He makes them for several Yamahas, most BMW's, the Africa Twin, and others. While I was there, he also adapted my GPS mount from the GS to the FJ09. Pretty nice - thanks, Tom. Ride well, all.
Picture on his site: image705.jpg
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FYI - I was asked by another '09 rider what the GPS mount looked like in the above post.
See below (added: it swivels and rotates up & down. The mounting plate has a security screw/lock for the Garmin release tab).
One more question was asked: the source for the mount - also from Tom - it's on his other site http://www.excelcyclewerkes.com - the one in the FJ09 picture below is a modified version of two parts - the swivel & the "locking" mounting plate ( http://www.excelcyclewerkes.com/index_files/Page376.htm + http://www.excelcyclewerkes.com/index_files/Page572.htm ). The normal swivel mounts on a crossbar - so, one for the FJ09 would change the attachment design - but contact him - you would be pleased with the finished product. I have a 660 Zumo, thus the locking plate - he has a "non-locking" mount plate that is part of the standard swivel, so the cost would be less.
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Update - had a question from another rider if the Excel Throttle Control is holding up and if it is still liked.
At about 2,500 miles and still going - it's sweet!
It works as advertised and goes from "off" to "hold speed" to "disengaged" to back to the same "hold speed" without a hiccup.
It might cost more than a crampbuster or any of the low $ items, but your right hand & wrist will be happy!
Watch for field equipment and wear your hi-vis.
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Hey - a shout out to Tom and his creation - in the December issue of Motorcycle Consumer News - it's an item in the 2017 Holiday Wish list!
On page 27.
Also heard it's in the current (Nov-Dec '17) issue of the BMW RA OTL magazine.
Take care all.
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For those of you that are prior BMW MOA members, was told that Tom / Excel Throttle Control will be at the BMW National Rally in Des Moines, IA July 12-14.
Rally is at the Des Moines Fairgrounds.
A couple hours East is the National Motorcycle Museum in Anamosa (nationalmcmuseum.org) on US 151 & IA 64. Well worth the time spent.
Lots of other sights in the area - yeah, corn capital, but .... look it up. Amana Colonies, Grant Wood, Hoover Library in West Branch ...  on & on.
You could even ride North to Spirit Lake and Polaris/Indian factory.
Oh, and Hydrate!
Ride Well all.
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I just installed an Excel Throttle Control on my 2015 FJ 09. I have the KTM brush guards the Exell just dropped in and works like butta. Super easy to operate well machined and engineered. I ordered it and I got it in the am 2 days later. Tom said "pay me when you get it". That doesn't happen much these days. Very happy Jim in Ojai CA
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