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I've been lurking and reading ya'lls posts. I've been riding for a while. Owned a DL650 for the last 8 years, commute mostly as life is busy, but it's 60 miles of north GA back roads, good and twisty. Looking to step up to a better bike. I really want anti-lock brakes and I guess traction control though i usually just roll of the throttle a touch if this feel loose. Pretty sure I'm going to buy a used fj 09 soon. Anything I should be looking for as I look at used bikes? Thanks
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Welcome to the forum, You might look around to see if any of the dealerships have some older 15 models still on the floor.........
and if you are buying from a 3rd party, look to see if they have some of the common upgrades already done - windshield, mirror extensions, seat, etc.
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