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LidLox short term Review


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So put the LidLox helmet lock on and I am so far so good happy. It works nicely and now I don't have to carry my helmet in with me to work. I got the kit with both sides. Only problem is when installing..when you tighten down the center bolt it turns the black part. So you have to clock the black part in the right position for it to be pointing down. And the same with the lock cylinder , the little allen at the bottom has a little cut out in the threads it fits into. Cant just tighten down the lock cylinder then tighten the allen or it will smash the threads.
It works perfect with just using the helmet D rings. No need for the included anchors. Still put mine in my tool bag just in case. If you had the slots facing upwards you could probably put the helmet on and put the helmet over the end of the bars instead of hanging it.
I hated the stock helmet lock and I could remove it very easily without removing the rear seat. Not very safe.
So we will see how it does. I can see these needing a squirt of wd40 every couple months or after each cleaning.
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