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  1. It is there. Just smooshed. Have fun getting it off. Always a pain. Usually i take a small screwdriver and pry it up a bit then take some small wire cutters and cut it off.
  2. Not sure if you are still having this issue and if you have a charcoal canister on your bike but I am in california and had to delete the canister to get it to start when in direct sunlight. It was giving it a super rich condition and would take awhile to kick over. deleted it and it almost completely went away.
  3. AMEN! I will just keep doing what I do. Pretty religious on taking care of it. But all in all...an extra $2 every fill up in the grand scheme of things wont hurt if I continue to use it.
  4. Was thinking of a injector cleaner machine which can hold up to 8 injectors so you could in theory test 8 different cleaners. But anyways I agree with the "from day one". And even using it now/little later/here and there you could in theory keep it from building up to an amount that might effect something.
  5. Someone needs to set up a injector cleaning machine and point them at a dirty carbonned up valve with different cleaners and see which valve starts to clean up first. That would be interesting. I Picked up 4 of them for like $8. They are convenient because the size of them mixes with 5 gallons. So just carry one when I go to fill up and throw it away but I am sure if you got some chemical breakdown of them it would be similar . I will probably start investigating better fuel anyways.
  6. Anybody use it? Made by yamalube. Was at the dealer the other day returning the CCT i got since I put the MCCT in. Saw a FJ out front and i liked the windscreen so found out who's it was and it was an advisers. Talked to him for a few minutes..he has 25k on his FJ and has had no issues. It is a later 2016 it looks like. Original CCT, Just about to do the valve adjust though. So he did the sales pitch etc and showed me valves out of another FZ. The intake valve was caked with carbon and the exhaust valve was burnt looking but clean. His pitch was "something too much carbon, lean condition, hot valve=tight" etc idk..tend to kinda tune salesmen out, He says he uses this stuff every time he fuels up and has for the last 20k.... Did say something about fowling the plugs though. I ended up buying a few bottles lol but think it would hurt to try?
  7. After thinking for a few I took your advise and left the the intakes alone. Just tightened up the one and brought them all to a snug .152. I will re check in 10k and maybe intakes might need an adjust. I was surprised that I am only at 18,758k miles and some exhaust were in the high teens and some low 20's. Glad I did not wait until the recommended time . Got the Ape tensioner and she purs like a kitten. Runs/pulls way smoother as well. Except when idling in neutral. Clutch makes such a racket.
  8. Thanks. Almost was putting valve cover back on before I started thinking I should adjust em. Just I needed 5 x 1.90 and kit only has 3..But found out my dad has the same kit so I am going to steal some from him. Thanks for the reassurance
  9. Doing my valve adjustment at 20k and it has been kind of a PITA. But all the intakes measured at .152. So a little snug. Except 1.. the closest one to the cam measured a snug .102. Question..Any theories as to why that one was tighter? Maybe just a fluke from the factory. I put a 185 in it and it is a loose .203 so I might put a 190 in. And.... Would you adjust the other ones? My math measured to do 190 but the kit only came 3 so that will be a pain finding 2 singles.
  10. I ran into this when I first got my bike. Putting in the exact amount the manual suggested resulted in over filling and a lot of blow by into the air box. I now fill it to the top of the sight glass. Run it. Then fill it to 75% and I still see a little residue in the air box but no puddles.
  11. Tight valves can cause the valve face to not seat completely which could cause leakage... I would adjust valves and recheck.
  12. https://fj-09.org/thread/5859/lidlox-short-term-review I love em. Had one fall off on a long ride due to improper install and I emailed them and they provided a replacement at a great discount.
  13. Mine has almost done it since new, should have brought it up to the shop but never wanted to stop riding long enough to bring it in haha. About 13k on it now and it is a pulsing only when slow on the brake coming into a light. Doesn't do it at high speeds. I will replace rotors when I do pads and see if it is better or not. But more then likely will be original unless good aftermarket is cheaper for the rotors.
  14. wWent through most of the list and added the big items and some of the small ones and it was about $198. I didnt go through all the little nuts and bolts though. So I guess total cost with windshield to be in the $350 range...not sure its worth it.
  15. Next time you guys see the GT try to inspect the windscreen mount system and determine (to the best of your ability) if we can retrofit older models.... one day maybe I will come across a GT to inspect myself.I really want do this. My local dealer had a fj and a gt next to each other and I sat there for about 10 minutes comparing. Seems it would need most of the front end swapped around though. But the headlights etc seem to be the same shape. But everything that holds the meter assembly and all the plastic cover pieces would be needed. And the shield. I dont see any online parts diagrams yet for the bike to see what the mounting looks like underneath.