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General impressions (engine wise), after 7 months driving

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I have had my FJ-09 2016 for 7 months now. The previous 5 years, were monocylindric bikes. Started with a FZ16 150 cc Yamaha (my first one), then a Tenere xt660z (4 years), and now the FJ. My impressions so far on my new experience with the triple 847cc, are:
1. The mono-cylindric bikes are more sensitive to iridium spark plugs; they have a bit more power, and generate less heath. For the FJ, there is no difference at all; could not feel or perceive any.
2. The mono-cylindric bikes are sensitive to gas type; changing from 92 to 87 octanes, you indeed feel the difference in less power. In the FJ, no difference at all. Today, on a Sunday route, the gas station did not have 92, and had to put 87; the motor was as responsive and powerful, as using 92 octane gas.
3. Both, mono-cylindric and the FJ, are sensitive to the type of oil you use, in different aspects. The FJ is smoother with pure synthetic (Yamalub). On the Tenere, you could feel better response, with synthetic.
4. The FJ is very sensitive to differences in chain tension; I have been learning to adjust it according to my specific weight, disregarding the users manual recommendation (which is too tight). If the chain it is a bit more tense, you can surely feel stronger engine vibrations. Having it properly loose, the bike and drive is softer and more comfortable. So in my case, vibrations in this bike has 2 factors: oil type, and chain tension.
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