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Oil cooler (heat exchanger) corrosion?

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Hi folks, the UK tracer group members have had several bikes where corrosion sets in on the oil cooler (next to the oil filter) but it goes unnoticed until it springs a coolant leak. Just wondering if any of you guys on that side of the pond have experienced this? It's the big unit from assembly 9 here https://www.ajsutton.co.uk/genuineparts/26039/8/yamaha-mt09-tracer-abs-2015/oil-cleaner?uID=0 
I've spotted a couple of second hand units on ebay over there and they look immaculate!
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Judging from facebook, it seems to be a UK thing indeed.
The oil cooler is available for $275 us dollars, a far cry from the 500 British pound quoted on the video.
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