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Constands rear paddock stand with castors

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I bought this Constands mover a few weeks ago and so it's time for a review
[a href=http://www.motea.com/en/constands-mover-i-dolly-mover-rear-paddock-stand-70000261002]link
The way we park our cars means I have to enter and leave the garage at an angle and it was a pain in the arse doing a 19 point turn so I can ride back out again. This paddock stand has 6 castors so the rear end of the bike is now very simple to move around in the garage. By turning the handlebars I find it easy to park the bike up close to the wall or turn the bike through 180 degrees. My garage floor is pretty uneven concrete, with small ripples in the surface and the stand copes with these just fine.
Like most paddock stands I guess, the rear tyre is well off the floor and clear of the centre stand. Lifting the bike and putting it back down again are straight forward as the handles give good leverage and the castors move well.
I had to fit paddock stand bobbins and have been impressed with Evotech stuff in the past, so used theirs link

Red 2015 Tracer, UK spec (well, it was until I started messing with it...)

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