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 Probably this subject has been addressed before but I can't find the thread....
has anyone put on bar risers on FJ 09?   I'm thinking of increasing handle bar height by 2 inches and pulling bar a bit more fwd.  My seat is on low mode, i'm 5'8" so I'm leaning fwd and bracing myself with my arms, gets tiresome after awhile...  I'm having my stock seat redone with more padding on the horn to prevent sliding fwd and a deeper butt pocket .   I believe these modifications will allow me to sit more upright with arms not so stretch out and more relaxed.  Has anyone experience this?  All comments are appreciated.    Thanks.  
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I am just 5'7" and needed risers for the same reason. I went with the Rox 2" anti-vibe risers. With a new set of handlebars it did the trick for me. My cables did get too tight and ended up replacing clutch and brake lines. This amount of change did also make the wiring harness pretty tight. It works, but tight. This did actually cause my horn wires to get pinched. Found it out by not being able to beep at a idiot that got in my way. Not certain if anti-vibe was worth the money. I couldn't notice any big difference.
In hindsight, I would have liked to have replaced the existing risers with something taller (more than 2" of increase) and redone all the lines. I think it would have looked better. The Rox risers look pretty clunky.
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