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Quickie Ride


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First day of honest 70° weather, even hit low 80's inland.  Sea breeze here on the coast keeps temps down 10 degrees or more from inland.  Good news is, the ocean also moderates Winter temps 10 or more degrees warmer than inland, so there's that.   :P
Had to go to town to pick up some small parts for a lawn tractor I'm servicing, taking the bike was a foregone conclusion.  Told my wife when I left "No idea when I'll be back other than before supper.  All depends on how much fun I'm having."
Took the most direct route to town, took care of business, then contemplated my options for going home.  Decided to take a back road about 20 miles North (Inland from the coast) to Route 9, then head back East before taking another back road South back to the coast.
Route 9, aka "The Airline" is the main East-West trucking route between the Canadian border at Calais and Bangor.  The first 10 miles or so out of Bangor are fairly heavily populated, but once you get past that it's just the occasional house for the next 80 miles or so.  The road is in excellent condition, traffic is light during the day and Our Friends With the Blue Lights are few and far between.  Posted at 50/55 but if you're not doing 70+ you'll get run over.
Beautiful country, minimal impact from habitation.
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