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New member Tracer GT?


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New member here. I presently ride a Super Tenere and looking to downsize. I'm 61 and been riding all my life. MX until my late 20's and enduro's until my mid 50's. Problems with Sciatica nerve issues are leading to me getting a smaller and lighter bike. I joined to get some info on the FJ 09 series of bikes because I am really interested in the new Tracer GT. It appears to check all the boxes. I am a little conserned about the passenger room and comfort. The  buying decision will be how well the lady of the house fits on the rear. The Tenere is quite roomy, but also top heavy. This is the problem I am trying to fix.
My my garage consists of the 13 Super Tenere, a 06 Ducati ST3, 13 300 Ninja, 09 Yamaha XT250 and a 11 KTM 200XCW.
The Tenere will go as will the Ninja and I probably will replace the KTM with another dual sport, most likely a Husqvarna FE250. 
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The general consensus around here about the GT has been find a brand new over stock '16 or '17 and use the savings to upgrade everything to your needs. Stock suspension always needs upgrading or revalving. Stock windscreens almost always stink, same for the seats.
Either way, the FJ is a great bike, its much lighter and less top heavy than your Super T. Welcome!

'15 FJ09

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