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Yamaha Top case and Shad side cases

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So I got a good deal on both the Yamaha 50L top box, and the Shad sh36 side cases. I did not realize the two do not play nice with each other. You have to ditch the Shad instructions and make your own. Also I used a combination of hardware from both. The verdict: I made it work, but it was more work than a fun accessory to install. I would go full shad if I did this again (full price), but again I got great deals on them, so maybe not, lol. Yes I know the hwy pegs are low, I like them like that. I live in a part of TX where corners are not present, lol, all straightaways. All I need is electronic cruise, white shad case covers, and this bike will be finished for my needs. :)
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I have the Yamaha OEM rack and Shad side cases as well.  Agree that you have to do some finagling to get them to work together, but it's all good in the end.  As an aside, I mounted a Shad SH48 topcase on my Yamaha rack.
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