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OEM Yamaha Saddlebag Mounts/rear rack... Not impressed

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Picked up my new FJ-09 this weekend after buying it a few weeks ago.  I ordered the hard saddlebags, locks, Liners, Mounting hardware, and rear rack.
I was pretty disappointed with the mounting hardware itself.  I'll start with the rear rack...  the bars that go from the tail section to the rack itself look cheap in my opinion.  I love the FJ and even with the funny looking tail section without any accessories the rear rack mounts in my opinion take away from the look of the machine.  I guess I was hoping for a little more than bent pipe, maybe something to follow the lines and style of the bike.  Lastly on the rear rack,  I was dissappointed to see the silver spacers 1st that are silver on a black/grey bike but also that they push the saddlebags out about 3/4 inch on both sides.  I didn't care for the look of the bags sticking out away from the bike even if it is only ~3/4 inch.
Saddlebag mounts are strong... no question there.  Very heavy!!! they dont look bad however there is a plate that connects the right and left side bag mounts.  It's fine just again looks like a part they took off my lawnmower to make it work.  Just expect more from Yamaha.
Overall I am in love with the bike even with the accessories.  Just dissappointed in the fit and finish or the hardware.  I'll get over it as soon as it warms up and the snow melts in MN.  Really looking forward to putting on some miles.
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