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Plastic Fairing Push Clip


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Just noticed while cleaning my new GT 900 that one the plastic fairing clips is missing. Not worth a trip to the dealer but wondered if anyone knows the correct size off hand to save me going out and measuring it!
They seem to come in 6mm or 8mm. Hope there's nothing more serious missing!
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I don't have a GT to assist. Perhaps the slides on PartShark or another parts site would have it listed? I can't see the images from Partshark on my work computer. But I did pick out this "Rivet" part number: 90269-06008-00 Amazon has them as: https://www.amazon.com/09409-06314-5PK-90044-67383-90269-06008-MITSUBISHI-66824-01G00/dp/B0777LRMBK
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