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Side fairing gap


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Hello, I am new to this forum and have a question regarding the side fairing on my 2016 fj-09. I purchased an evotech radiator guard and in order to put it on I removed the side fairing. When I did put the fairing back in place, there is quite a noticeable gap as showed in the picture below. All bolts are aligned and the fairing seems to be in place properly. Is that gap normal or is there a trick to make it fit properly?
Thank you   
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I'm fairly certain that there is a gap normally, as to if your gap is larger than is typical - that's difficult to say. Compare it to the LH side of the bike and see if it's close.
There is a tab on top of the fuel tank that is hidden and might affect the gap distance if you didn't quite get it hooked in properly.
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Thank you fellows for the quick reply. I was aware of the tab and it does look like it is in place properly. but just to be safe when I get home this evening ill remove the fairing and make sure that all is in place properly. Hopefully it is just an overlooked mistake on my end and that gap will tighten. If it does not Ill take the advice of putting the left side and see from that point as well.
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