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Removing 2016 racing line Akropovic (Euro 4)

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hi guys,

I am about to remove the db killer (baffle) from my 2016 racing line Akrapovic (Euro 4) Titanium full system. I have the required bearing puller and drill for drilling out the weld. I am hoping that those of you that have already done this could pass on any tips before I get going. Wondering if the muffler comes off easy, there isn't much space between it and the tyre. Did people use 6 or 8 mm drill bit and what method of fixation is used to secure the db killler back in place when re-inserted?

I have to hear her scream at full volume!

Thanks in advance.

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hello and good morning

I have also just taken out the db killer out of a akrapovic full exhaust s-y9r8-hegeht drill out the spot well and have tapped and threaded a 1/4 28 fine machine screw through the entire carbon fibre tip so I will be able to remove or replace the db when I choose too... just have to smooth out a few burrs on the inside of pipe ... I plan to drill a hole in the db  so I can get a hook on it to pull it out when I need to without to much trouble...


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