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East European Bike Tour


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I’m planning a bike trip next summer to east Europe with a couple of mates. 

Setting off from the UK we’re planning to head to  Germany/Czech Republic/Slovakia/Hungary and then return via Austria.

Anyone got any suggestions for routes and/or good places to stay. 

Should be fun on the Tracer GT 🤓




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Did the Black Forest last year...

The B500 must be done if you're in the area...

Haven't gone further East than Munich so can't offer any advice with that...

Hoping to get down to Northern Spain in May myself...

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My Wife and I did Romania/Hungary/Slovakia a year and a half ago.  Romania was the highlight without question.  If you make it that far, it's absolutely worth it.  Slovakia was second runner up with so many rolling hills and old roads with little or no traffic.  With only 14 days, my best advice is to avoid the larger cities.  You can spend much less of the trip in traffic if you stick with smaller villages.  If you want to visit Budaphest?  just fly there some weekend, no need to waste two days of what should be an amazing bike trip.

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