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Your links now all auto embed

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Now, when you copy and paste a URL from another website, those links will now auto embed and show that page's meta data and the picture.    Let me explain. 

Before now, if I went to Cycle Gear and found a cool product to share with my buddies here on the Tracer900 forum, I would come here and paste that copied URL and it would look like this. 

https://www.cyclegear.com/gear/schuberth-c4-helmet     Just a regular link. 


Now, when I go and copy and paste that same URL into a post, it will auto embed a preview of that page! 


Closing the chinbar of the Schuberth C4 helmet is like closing the door of a luxury Mercedes or BMW and feeling the silence of the cabin set in. Unmatched, German-engineered quality and the latest in aerodynamics and...

And guys, that really is the best helmet money can buy, BTW. 

Lets try a news article.  Go Broncos!! 


The Boise State athletic department is offering free basketball tickets and food vouchers to furloughed workers.


Let's try a Tracer 900 GT review article 


In this first-ride review, Cycle World spends a day sweating in triple-digit temps to come away impressed by the 2019 Yamaha Tracer 900 GT.


So, feel free to start sharing more articles, cool products to buy, sales, blog posts. 

Just copy and paste the URL into your post here on the forum, and a preview of that content will display. (it takes a few seconds to display, depending on your internet speed.) 

Just another new feature to the best damn FJ-09/Tracer 900 forum on the planet! 

More coming soon!! 

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