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Remote preload and reservoir alternate mounting YA535


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Considering a Ohlins 535. Searching Google I see most common mount is both cylinders (preload adjuster and reservoir(?) are typically mounted together with a bracket on the same side of the bike. I also saw a picture where someone mounted one cylinder per side of the bike. Has anyone mounted like this?

Having both cylinders on the same side sticks out a bit from the pics, and I'd prefer it is not hanging out in case of a fall, or sticking out where panniers could scrape close while removing ect. I have also seen in other bikes both cylinders are mounted transversely closer to the shock in the inside middle of the bike. anyone try this?





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I have the Ohlins set-up on my FJ. The remote reservoir and preload adjuster are tucked in very nicely, one on top of the other. The passenger peg sticks out quite a bit further. In a crash on the LH side to damage the Ohlins will be the least of your worries. Run with it. Also the standard hoses, lines and brackets are super sanitary and fit bitchen.


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