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The wait begins...

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I've been riding for a number of years and have owned sportbikes, touring bikes, sport touring bikes, vintage bikes, and pretty much everything but a cruiser. Through that time, I discovered I prefer a light sporty bike that is comfortable enough to tour on. I owned a Versys 650 that came close, but it had a little less power than I'd like and the brakes were pretty poor as well even after upgrading to braided lines.
The FZ-09 was released and I was really excited about it. But after planting my rather large self on it and feeling the suspension crush beneath me then reading about the things that would need to be addressed it turned me off of it.
The FJ-09 seems to be the answer I'm looking for. I'm hoping to follow it here and see how it performs in the real world in the hands of real riders. I'm hoping I can pick one up in a year or so.
The wait begins....
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