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New owner from Greece


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Hi everybody
I come from Thessaloniki, Greece and i picked up my lava red tracer 3 days ago. My [a title=Click to Continue " style="background:none repeat scroll 0% 0% transparent ! important;border:medium none ! important;text-indent:0px ! important;float:none ! important;font-weight:bold ! important;height:auto ! important;margin:0px ! important;min-height:0px ! important;min-width:0px ! important;padding:0px ! important;text-transform:uppercase ! important;text-decoration:underline ! important;vertical-align:baseline ! important;width:auto ! important]>exarrow-10x10.png[/a] moto was a DL-650 Suzuki V-Strom and i hope not to regret for my desicion, cause i love touring and mountain close curved roads. Glad to join this forum, we ve got to talk a lot about Mt-09.   
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The DL650 is a great bike - I rode one for a day when my Super Tenere was being serviced. I have a Tracer now.
The Tracer is a lot different but I am confident you will enjoy it on the mountain roads in Greece and beyond.
You may find the roads feel to have more bumps as the suspension will not soak then up the same.
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Welcome from So. Cal. I love your baklava. Had a good friend that worked with me for years that just retired in his homeland of Greese. I believe his name in Greek was yorgos (γιώργος). We called him George.
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Thank you guys,
i'd like to inform you Tracer is fantastic moto especially on the closed turn mountain roads. This bike turns with the "thought".
Dear ULEWZ and papadage, thanks for the "tasty" commend but if you ll visit the Agean Sea try the fresh fishes - a unique taste. Awesome Sweets and cakes you can find all over the world.  
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