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Hello, all. I'm an older rider (I've been riding 51 years) in Bentonville, AR, USA. I sold my last bike, an FJR1300, when we began a four-year-long tour of the U.S. in a motorhome. We've now bought a house and settled, so it's time for another ride. I absolutely love the FJR but it's honestly a little too much bike for an old f@&t, especially one whose throttle hand has two positions--on and off. After looking around, I'm thinking the FJ-09 would be a good ride for me. Looking forward to early reports from members who manage to snag one. Until then, KTRSD.
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Guest eatpasta
I flew the F-16 for about 10 years but that particular photo is someone else.
  When I was a kid the Falcon was the coolest thing on earth and I spent quite a lot of time on different computer simulators pretending to be a pilot.  I can only imagine what it was like to fly one....  Once we get our off topic section together I'm hoping you'll have a little time to share a few anecdotes.
  In other news I believe you're the fourth person to try and dump your FJR for an FJ09 - me included.  Love the FJR, rode it in today as a matter of fact.  It's a near perfect bike but at the end of the day it's giant and heavy.....but man that mountain of torque is sure incredible....\\
oh yea, welcome to the site too
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